Sfi with us

Our method: we arrange Sfi as tuition in groups. All lessons are led by a teacher.

You receive a systematic training in all aspects of the language – understanding spoken Swedish, speaking Swedish with a good pronunciation, reading different types of texts and writing Swedish at different levels.

We vary the education as much as possible and make sure that students are active during the lessons. In this way, communicative competence is developed and studies progress at a faster pace.

We also provide our students with a solid basic knowledge of the structure and rules of the language. Understanding how the language is constructed makes it easier to make further progress and to develop competence.

As a complement to the teacher-led education, we offer computer support in the form of a range of different language programmes.

We have competent, well-educated teachers at all levels. They have considerable practice and experience at leading students of sfi towards fulfilling the course goals. We have a pleasant and stimulating atmosphere in our teaching groups. Read more about our schedule and programme

It is useful and fun to study Swedish with us!