Swedish for Trained Professionals

Are you a trained professional from another country? Do you want to learn Swedish quickly to start working within your profession? Then you can study Swedish for professionals, sfx.

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New courses start every 10 weeks and applications are accepted continously.

About Swedish for Trained Professionals

Swedish for professionals is a course focusing on developing competency in professional language.

You will undertake the course with peers from the same profession to learn Swedish and acquire general knowledge about how your profession works in Sweden.

The aim of the course is to develop your Swedish language skills to enable you to apply for a professional licence to practice in Sweden.

Course levels are dependant on your current level of Swedish. Sfi (Swedish for immigrants) and sva (Swedish as second language, the equivalent to secondary school and high school) are both included in sfx.

In addition to Swedish, you will undertake an orientation course focused on your profession.

Available courses in Swedish for Trained Professionals

At the moment two courses in Swedish for Trained Professionals are available in Uppsala:

Swedish for Medical Professionals

Swedish for Teachers


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